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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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You can call it a fan film but given that many professionals will be involved we prefer 'independant production' .
Quite a few so-called Star Trek fan films out there already have benefited from the contributions of professionals.
I figure an independent production is when the rights owner greenlight's a movie/series, but then tells the production company that the condition of approval is that they pay their own way, use their own equipment, etc.

A fan production is when no rights have been granted, but the production company uses the license to create a work based on that franchise.

Renegades is a fan production, just as OGAM was a fan production. That doesn't make it good or bad, but it certainly doesn't make it an independent work, since that would imply they have received the rights to create something from the license. What they're hoping is that this fan production catches the eye of Paramount/CBS, and that said license holder decides to greenlight that work, and then fund it as a "for profit" venture.

No offense against Tom intended, just stating my own opinion.
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