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Re: Into Darkness official marketing in x-mas!

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I am surprised we have not seen a teaser they released one for the last movie WAY before the release and it was well done and seemed fairly pricey with the whole Enterprise under construction thing. Plus they have that whole website thing, it seems like they are ignoring that this time. I mean do they figure they don't need it this time or what?
What you need to remember about the first teaser trailer is that it came out on January 18, 2008. . . before the movie had been moved from a Christmas opening to a May tentpole opening. And the only reason Paramount released the first trailer a year before the original premiere date was because the studio thought that it was going to have trouble reintroducing TOS characters to gen Y which hadn't grown up with them on TV. . . since this STID is a sequel to a blockbuster, not an introduction to a new franchise, Paramount is not going to change the traditional way they do blockbuster trailers. . .1st trailer 6 months before the movie, a recut trailer during the Superbowl, 2nd trailer 3 months out (March), and then a ramp up of TV spots (there were something like 14-16 different TV spots for the first Star Trek from March to May). . . you also should remember that movie studios are conservative, they go with what works for them. . and considering that the first movie made more money than any other Star Trek movie, I don't believe they are going to change their advertising strategy.

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