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Re: The title "Star Trek"

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It sounds better than "Space Journey".
Personally I wish that the titles of Star Trek and Galaxy Quest had been reversed. Galaxy Quest would work better as the title of the serious, classy space adventure drama, and Star Trek would work better as the title of the comedy spoof thereof.

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To me, putting myself in his shoes, the more obvious choice would have been to call it "Space Trek." I'm definitely not complaining or saying that he should have been literal, I'm just impressed with the uniqueness of the title and curious about how the title ultimately came to him.
Well, it wasn't uncommon to use "star" or "the stars" as a figurative or poetic synonym for space. For instance, Alfred Bester's novel The Stars My Destination or the 1954 film Riders to the Stars. And science fiction had been using terms like "starship," "starfarer," "star lane," and, yes, even "starbase" and "starfleet" for decades before Star Trek came along. ( And Star Trek definitely rolls off the tongue more easily than Space Trek, and sounds classier to boot.
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