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Re: Generations deleted scenes

I do appreciate the effort to calm things down a bit and not being so rude and dismissive. Ladies and gentlemen....ladies again cuz I love the ladies...I remember the shower scene and the torture scene VERY clearly because of the impression and subsequent comments made between my buddy and I regarding the scenes. I am willing to admit that I could be wrong about the emotional over-load concerning Data, but the comment was made between my friend and I about Data possibly thinking of his sexual encounter with Tasha Yar. The shower scene I know was there because again, it was one of those...ah ha moments regarding the 24th century. Also the torture scene I remember very clearly because of the Roots and Kunte Kinte comment made. I will say this...I can't speak on another other deleted scene. I can't speak of the Chekov mourning scene, the Lursa and B'tor discovery scene with Data being "concerned", nor any crashing scenes or alternative ending and Christmas at the Picards scene. Believe it, or not, but I am 100% certain I saw the 2 scenes as I've mentioned. Now let me ask you guys this... I never did see the Trek 09 in the movie theaters when it was out, but I do recall reading someone's post regarding that movie. He said that in the beginning of the movie after the Kelvin was destroyed, they had the Klingon takeover scene where the Klingons told the Narada to power down or be destroyed and that as soon as everyone in the movie theater heard Klingon's speaking Klingonese, the crowd clapped with pleasure because at that point "it seemed like a real Star Trek movie." So was that scene not ever in Trek 09?? The main point of all this post was to again pose the question if a deleted scene was considered canon because obviously these scenes show up, and then are gone depending on where you're watching it and how...
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