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Re: How did you get into Trek and what was your first episode/movie?

My mom was not terribly maternal. To make matters even less fun she was very very possessive of her husband, my father. As a result she tended to do her level best to make certain that she was the center of my father's attention at all times. So any time I got to spend with my father, just he and I was very precious to me. Now I'm not a big sports guy so there was never really that to share. But there was Star Trek. In the late seventies early eighties TAS was on one of the local network affiliates at Oh My God It's Early O'Clock on Saturdays. My dad worked half a day at the local mill sawing shakes and shingles. He'd get up at like four in the morning and leave around six. Often I'd manage to get up and we'd sit and watch animated Trek. I only really remember one episode clearly, Yesteryear. Later when I got to see re-runs of the live action TOS I was hooked and have been ever since.
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