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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

That did seem like a horrible send off for the D. I never liked that ship but even I think a old BoP was in bad taste. I totally agree that a Vorcha would have been a better choice.

I hate how popular the BoP has become considering that 1) it was supposed to be Romulan but they changed the script to STIII. 2) It is completely wrong for the design concepts of the Klingon Empire, which appeared more a drab gray look with the, in my view iconic D-7 battle cruiser. 3) leads to a weird issue with the mega BoP battleships the size of the Ent D as well as the little ones. I know its a cost thing but still. If they were really hard pressed for a cruiser model they could have considered pressing the D-7/ STI&VI model into service. They used the Miranda & excelsior models.
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