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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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^I think that's how they interpreted it with the animated shows. Despite this they initially played her as being very naive and sheltered, so one can hardly say she'd already be a hardened veteran right out of the gate. Oh and they also implied that her father was Hades, which IMO is a lot more interesting than it being Zeus. I mean how many dozens of demi-god children did Zeus father for goodness sake?
Being a daughter of Zeus would better explain her abilities than being a daughter of Hades. She is strong like Hercules and can fly, she doesn't command the dead.
You really don't know much about Wonder Woman do you? Her powers are gifts from various Gods and Goddesses (Including Heracles). Her skills come from training. In previous continuities she's also the granddaughter of Ares. So she was a "quarter-god".
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