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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I am still slogging through "Crime and Punishment" but, at last, am just finishing Part V and so most of the way through the book. It could be interesting to read about the exile of Khan in the context of Dostoevsky. Did finish "Mutiny on the Enterprise" by Vardeman which has some potentially interesting ideas. Star Trek Exhibition was great, even if I am not too event oriented.

Tried to touch base with subjective feelings about "Green Theory" so I expanded the stub with that title at Wikipedia. I am not sure how compatible environmental science fiction is with the trekverse. Habitat destruction is depressing... read another ST book maybe to feel better. Whales ex historica at least was entertaining. I have watched the movie many times. Maybe on to Khan's exile. Punishment? What ever does not destroy me makes me worse.
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