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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

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Anyway, I'd be interested to see what Whedon and Goddard had "in mind" (if anything) when it came to the different items in the basement and which "monster" or situation they unleashed.
Whedon addressed this topic in an interview in the Official Visual Companion (pages 40 and 41).
A: What is your favorite scene in terms of how it turned out?

Whedon: I would say the scene in the cellar. I am visually so compelled by that scene and I am absolutely certain that every single on of them is going to the thing [of summoning a monster], that the thing they're holding is going to cause something terrible, even though I know what's going to happen. The way that's show and the way it's cut - it's without a word, and you know I loves me my words, don't get me wrong, but I love Marty in that scene and I mostly love what Drew did with it. He fought to get it to be as dark as it was. He was very fierce about it looking like they had one lantern. They had wall sconces, they did all the things that people always did in movies to cheat, and Drew said 'We're not going to cheat, we're going to keep this dark, and we're going to light the lamp and it will be a different kind of darkness.' I get really tense during that scene, even though I'm well aware of what's going on.

A: It does make you want to do a frame search and look at all the objects, then match the objects to the monsters they summon.

Whedon: Well, that is actually part of it. Although we loved making jokes, figuring out what was going to be on the betting board and all this good stuff, some stuff that was on the board we knew that we'd see and some we wouldn't, but at the same time, we're very fierce about the reality of these things. They do summon something, we do know what it is, we know why you don't want to see it. And we know why it belongs in the cabin in the woods. Even to the point of, one of the monsters on the board is the Huron, which is literally just an Indian, because going back to the earliest settlers and their fears, that was the thing they were afraid of in the woods - the people who were actually supposed to have the woods. And so we really wanted to go back to show how this classic ritual had evolved over the years, from before movies.
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