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Re: Hell on Wheels Season 2 *SPOILERS*

There is a lot of laziness in the execution of this show. Especially when it comes to portraying the law.

Consider this sequence of events.
  1. Lily and Bohannon are duty-bound to adhere to an arrest warrant for Doc, although nobody but Lily and Bohannon even know he was part of the gang.
  2. Bohannon and Ferguson are allowed to summarily execute a member of the gang without any kind of legal authority
  3. The union soldiers show up to arrest and execute Doc. They have no interest in the murders and kidnapping being perpetrated in the train car right in front of them. They are content to sit on their horses and observe calmly.
  4. Joseph stabs Cole to death and everyone in attendance knows it. Whether Cole was Deranged or not, Joseph should at least have to explain himself to the "Authorities" that are in attendance. In that environment where all the races are pitted against each other and the Indians are considered the enemy, they see an Indian walk out of a train car with a bloody knife in his hand and just watch him ride away.

What is the law? Who is the law? If there is no law, why was there a warrant and why did anybody care about it.
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