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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

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I don't know. I always said that Jackson is kind of ripping off himself. The man can't do anything new. By doing this film he's catering to his own limitations as a film-maker. It's a very safe move for him.
First two major issues with your point here and in your next point of:

Films go through changes in development, and what matters is what we end up with. It's been well over a decade since Jackson has made a film based on an original idea
First the vast majority of directors never produce something original, they almost always are working from some one else's vision. That's because they aren't the one who generally writes films.

Even Jackson who works with a writing team is generally considered the least active as a writer.

So the idea that for most directors be it published work that's the basis of your film or work that is a new screenplay by whomever, its still not original.

Just because Joe Blow public may not have access to it first, doesn't mean its is original creation. It absolutely isn't.

Let alone even with original screenplays and even if the director is the primary writer and is credited with the story idea as well, it will still have the impact of many, many others in being brought to the screen.

Look at how much a Ralph McQuire shaped the Star Wars Universe.

In fact you can have a piece of work that was written by someone else that you get as much directorial cues from as a story you craft yourself, or from production designers, or storyboard artists, or from many other sources that don't spring from your own mind.

ANd to state that "The man can't do anything new. By doing this film he's catering to his own limitations as a film-maker" is an utter falsehood. There is no basis what so ever factual in such a statement. Period.

Now he might not improve his craft, that's always mathematically possible, but it is also statistically unlikely.

For example as a singer, I can sing the same work throughout the years. That doesn't mean I don't improve my craft, or improve my interpretation of the material as I grow older. In fact, its general the opposite of what occurs.

Choosing to do something that you love is limiting yourself, often it actually is rewarding yourself.

And please, please, please remember this, the first Tolkien project Jackson brought to US studios to do was in fact the Hobbit. He was told there was no way he would ever be able to work on that project. That then lead him to LoTR, an unoriginal piece of work that is considered by many to be his crowning achievement.
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