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Re: Babylon Five Fic - "Forgive and Forget"


Tell me about the Dancers. You spoke of them before.

I don’t remember.

You don’t want to remember.

Dancers. I never called them that. Narla called them that.

They were in the candle flames, splashed up in light and shadow against the wall, flickering. They moved softly, and they moved silently, but they always moved, particularly when you weren’t looking. They were...restless.

They were always moving. They couldn’t stop. They could not stop. Foolish - childish games.

What happened if they stopped?

They passed on. Outwards, to the next arch. They did not want that. It was a duty, you see. From as long as I can remember, we knew duty came first. What was inside the flame was the power to hold up the wick, keep the candle standing. Decay was pressing in and they had to hold it there. Stop it from melting the candle, hold back the... keep the was childish nonsense. Without the dancing the candle collapsed, you see?

I see.

And they would keep on dancing...


No, because the candles went out.

But of course.

But they would still be there, even if they weren’t dancing.

But how would you know? If they were Dancers and they could only be seen when they moved - how would you know?

We knew. Oh, yes, we knew. They were invisible, and it was dark and silent and often the halls were empty to us, but they were there. Oh, yes. They moved out to the next arch, but they were still there. They were searching for something - for a way to rekindle the flame. To keep the candle erect even when they stopped, keep it stable and tall. Because if they could do that, and if they could get the flame going again -

They could come back.


But if the flame was truly gone - and there was no means of rekindling it, then the Dancers couldn’t come back. What then?

I don’t know.

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