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Re: Babylon Five Fic - "Forgive and Forget"


I have had rather an excessive amount to drink. This is acceptable, as it helps bring my life into a pleasing lack of focus. I can now sit and wallow in my misgivings and my misdeeds, and there are more than enough of those. I believe I shall either drown in them, or drown myself in this fine brevari. That too would be acceptable. It is fitting, is it not, that I should do so? There was something very important I had to do, but I believe I have forgotten it. Do you see this? This is the clasp of the Emperor himself. I am wearing it, as is my burden. The seal of the vast Centauri Republic. And I, I am its Emperor. This is a post I would gladly relinquish, should I find a man foolish enough to take it from me. It both requires me to be aware of every insignificant action, transaction, accident and conversation occurring anywhere in the republic, and also to stay out of the way so as not to interfere with those same actions and activities. The Centaurum has recently moved to discuss the motion on whether to replace me with a bronze statue. It will likely be significantly more effective.

You’re Golian, I believe? Ah, yes, such a civilized people. I take it you have harnessed electricity by now, yes? I recall once seeing two of your females at a dancing club on Lumat. Fine specimens of Golian intellect. As I watched, they reached under the table to refill their drinking cones, rather than moving round 90 degrees and reaching the tap that way. Ah, well, higher brain functions aren’t for everyone, I suppose. The universe wouldn’t be half as joyously irrational if all species were made equal. You know, you really do strike me as familiar, and there are not a great many Golians in my past, you understand? I believe I know you from somewhere. I wish it were a pleasant memory - perhaps a good feast or a dance, yes? - but I believe I know my past too well to expect that.

Now what? What? Yes, yes, I will be there shortly. If G’Kar is unable to contain his excitement at my absence I recommend he seek counselling. Certainly there’s no need to throw his not-inconsiderable reserves of spittle around every time I succeed him through the door. Go, I will be there soon. It seems another crisis is upon us. Do you know what my father said at times like this? No, neither do I, he had usually had too much to drink by that point and his words slurred. Still, I imagine it would certainly be worth hearing, no? Good day, I have time and dignity to waste. For the glory of the Republic, you know. Meetings and paperwork and rubber stamps that will make the name of the Centauri shine bright once again, a gialm’s roar in the galactic jungle. Why, when our fleets took Beta 12, they blotted out the suns! Now my pen blots out G’Kar’s signature. If this were --

--Where’s the Golian?

Golian, Mollari?

I was talking to a Golian.

There are no Golians here. I think I’d know, wouldn’t you? Are you feeling quite yourself, Mollari?

I ...was sure. We were on Babylon Five. He was in the Zocalo, as am I. Yet I suddenly thought I was back on Prime, in the throne room...

We are in your throne room. Are you quite sure you’re alright, Mollari?

It was nothing, then; I don’t recall anything. No. That is not true. Golians. I had a shipment of fine Braskan silks brought in from Golia, though I never liked them. Slow-witted fools, all of them. But, one must keep up appearances, no? We cannot allow a small, almost insignificant fact like the economic collapse of the entire Republic interfere with our spending. We buy silks from Golia as we have always brought silks from Golia, far, far more than we actually need or could ever want. Did I tell you about my shipment?

Several times, Mollari. In excessive detail.

Yes, well, if I don’t tell Lord Kyshan at least thrice he’ll forget to update the records. Man has a brain like a sieve. There was something else.

There always is.

You would be advised to mind your place. This is my throne room, or so you tell me.

I’m concerned.

I keep trying to remember what I was doing before, before you arrived. It was quite, quite important, and I no longer know what it was. *sigh* Well, you are here now. What was it you wanted?

I want nothing. You are the one who is wanting, Mollari.

Ah. It’s going to be one of those conversations, is it?

We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, and the best of us is washed away.

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