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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Anyone else think that everyone would have popped out of the stasis pods after 3 years completely cured of anything that was wrong with them?
In my version of Season 3, Eli miscalculates and they fall short of the next galaxy, and they don't wake up for another thousand years.
That's excellent. And no more working out their issues with people back on earth because they are all dead, YAY!!!

They probably wouldn't even get to visit earth as the stones would be in some museum somewhere.. or perhaps they were still in use? Were there other communication stones in storage that they might have used for some other expedition? Perhaps you had future guy sitting at his console waiting for some bog standard edge of the galaxy unit to have a home visit and then BOOM, they get a Destiny member instead. What a shock. And then we get to see Earth 1000 years into the future which could be really interesting.

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