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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

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"Intriguingly, in TNG "Peak Performance", the (civilian?) tactical advisor Kolrami feels the need to specify that the opposing ship in the war games is a "star cruiser". Quite possibly, people of both the central Trek eras use the term "cruiser" ambiguously, for both civilian and military vessels (as Kirk felt the tiny Aurora in "Way to Eden" was one!), and when there is any chance of confusion, the prefix "star" establishes a Starfleet identity for a vessel."
Thanks that you mentioned that. According to the screen information in "The Enterprise Incident" Enterprise is listed as a "space cruiser".

Then we have the "United Star Ship Republic" although Pike already called the Enterprise a "United Space Ship" in "The Cage". My 0.02 $ theory therefore is that in the beginning when the Federation was just a few united stars and planets the front-line ships were "United Star Ships" and by the time the Federation had grown covering larger areas of space a ship is designated as "United Space Ship".

"Star Cruiser" could then be a general colloquialism for older ships while "Space Cruiser" designates a newer one. Measure?

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"A ship with the number NCC-1*31 does appear on the chart - and it would be the height of illogic not to have the Intrepid there, as Stone apparently makes these reshuffling decisions by looking at that very chart."
Yes, I believe this is what the scene originally suggested. We know now that the number on the flat screen display is NCC-1831 but Greg Jein originally misread it as NCC-1631 (even in HD it's difficult to be sure that the other registries begin with 16 and not 18) for the Intrepid. For TOS-R the Okudas decided to go with Jein's 1631, thus it's no longer listed on the display and Commodore Stone is 'now' looking at the fine print of the bars telling him the exact nature of the upgrades or whatever.
The beauty is of course that already in the era of TOS we have a ship of the 18th design (cycle) which I presume to indicate a Miranda Class starship.

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"Coincidence" is the last resort if explanations more befitting the drama of the situation are also easily available."
If this list now is just a status display only indicating Starfleet starships still requiring upgrades and Enterprise is (obviously) one of these, then this list will pop up at every Starbase the Enterprise visits and is anything but a coincidence.

And that's still better than assuming that this list shows all the starships in Starfleet, isn't it?

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