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Re: I can't watch Enterprise anymore...

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No, TATV was always meant to be the Season Four finale. If they'd somehow managed a Season Five, TATV still would have happened, they just would have done something to get around Trip's death.

Remember that they never actually showed his body. If they'd gotten the renewal notice in time, they could have rewritten some dialogue to make his status even more ambiguous before revealing he was alive in the Season Five premiere.
Given all we actually saw in TATV was a 100% Holodeck recreation; it wouldn't matter what they showed -- as we NEVER 'saw' the actual events during the actual time period they were tp have occured in (2161).

TATV is best explained away as: "It was something referenced by Deanna Troi; and for all we know she FAILED her pre-Federation history courses at the academy.
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