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Re: Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

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Couple things,

Rod does not have any rights to Star Trek as mentioned, he does still get royalty checks from CBS though, so money but not rights.

The purpose behind Renegades is to make a 90 minute pilot, that will be presented to CBS as a pitch for a web series (not a TV series, but hey, who knows ). You can call it a fan film but given that many professionals will be involved we prefer 'independant production' . If the film does not work as a pitch to CBS is will simply be a film for all to enjoy on the internet.

This project is primarily being made by the Star Trek: Of Gods and Men team but will have many new and professional additions to the production team. One of the main goals is raise the bar on the production values (full HD, better VFX, etc..) as compared to the Star Trek: Of Gods and Men that was done on a shoe string budget.

This is not a sequel to Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, it is completely different. It is set 12 years after the return of Voyager and is set in the prime universe timeline. Walter Koenig will play a 140ish Admiral Chekov, Wang has just joined the cast, more actors to be announced.
Good to have a few more details - at least a 90min movie will happen; it's DEFINITELY our Chekov, and a higher quality than OGAM. it'll be interesting to see how you do sets since a 24th Century ship set isn't as known to exist as Kirk's Enterprise (aren't there about 3 now?!)

I guess there is no time travel or parallel universes here, and since Russ, Wang and Intiraymi are all confirmed to be playing their old parts, could one call this a Voyager movie/series?

Has filming already started or was that just a trailer shoot?
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