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Re: Blssdwlf's TOS and TOS Movie Era ships

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Thanks JES

I was thinking on the same lines about the vertical pylons. This revised WIP is using the same neck as the one on my Enterprise but straightened. A small cigar hull is used to connect the vertical pylon with the horizontal warp pylons. And now I've matched the nacelle orientations as well.

Actually, when I suggested to use interconnections similar to the neck of most contemporary ships, I meant that it should have slanted angles, similar to how the Federation class's third nacelle mounting.

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And an experiment in the 3-engined Dreadnaught/Dreadnought

It's meant to be a precursor to the Excelsior.

I'm liking what I'm seeing here; like Kaiser said, the bent pylons are a nice touch to distinguish her from the Federation class. I'd still make the forward and aft angles for the third nacelle pylon similar to the Federation's. Otherwise, you have an excellent start here too.
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