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Just some advice, you would probably be better off getting a credit card and earning points. Rather than spend 40-75 cents per transaction, you could be making cash-back bonuses for free, and paying off your bill every month incurring no interest. Also, credit cards typically have better fraud reimbursement than debit cards (i.e., $0 liability).
I have to go off topic for a moment because of this post. I've noticed for some time that it seems to be important in america to build credit or making points or whatever it's called. Apparently it's smart to be in debt and pay it off because otherwise you can't buy a house or whatever because for some asinine reason it's considered not trustworthy if you only spend money you actually have?
Oh, don't get me wrong. My post had nothing to do with building a credit score or going into debt or anything of the sort. "Earning points" is just airline miles or cashback or whatever, which is essentially free money (the credit issuer is able to give you money by skimming off the top of the fees they collect from merchants). And I use my credit cards same-as-cash, because I pay it off in full every month. It's a good way to consolidate/track my spending, versus paying for things with cash and then wondering where all my money went at the end of the month.
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