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Re: The "Dying" Science Station

I figure they just wanted to restore the key bridge stations to something closer to their TOS layout; both science and engineering were moved in TWOK to approximately the same locations they'd had in TOS (although the environmental engineering station, which started out in roughly its TOS-equivalent location in TMP, got bumped to the opposite side of the bridge to make room for engineering).

Also, I imagine that having Spock's station directly behind Kirk may have been limiting in terms of direction and framing; it would be awkward to have Kirk constantly having to turn around to talk to Spock, or to set up a two-shot of them talking to each other with both their faces at least somewhat visible. Moving Spock off to the side probably made that easier.

To be precise, four stations were moved between TMP and TWOK: science displaced engineering, which displaced environmental engineering, which displaced internal security, which took the place of science.
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