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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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I wondered that too. How much time was there for a cutaway from the exterior shot to an interior shot and then back again. It was a really quick thing. The blast blowing by the ship--it's not like it was in slo-mo or anything where they could cut away and then go back.
Indeed, in fact the exterior shot itself is a cutaway as the shot changes from space (the planet disintegrating), then to the shot of the saucer section, and then back to the planet shot again. To have a third shot to be cutting to and then back out again wouldn't have worked IMO.

Also, I may be mistaken on this, aren't there people standing on the hull when the blast hits?
If other people had time to get outside, why would the bridge crew be hanging around the shattered bridge--more likely they'd be directing the evacualtion of the saucer.
There are little people moving about on the hull and you see them get hit by the shockwave, always found that quite disturbing for some reason.
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