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Starfleet females dressing code

This is probably a girl’s thing so I guess it’s okay for guys to ignore this thread. However there is one thing that bothers me about JJ’S trek universe and this include the movie and comics.

it’s like star fleet has a dressing code saying that all women must wear their hair in high ponytails. I kind of find it ridiculous as the TNG females, the most noticeably been Dr Beverly Crusher and Deanna Troi had their hair down on several occasions.

Anytime I read the ongoing series , Uhura, Rand and the rest of the female characters always have their hair in an awful ponytail or have their hair up and tightly twisted.

It just too unrealistic for women to be told how to wear their hair in the 24 century, Heck ...even 21st century female police officeres wear their hair down . However star fleet females even sleep with their high pony sure spock/uhura fan we know what am talking about....remember star trek ongoing? 6

In all honesty how unrealisitc is that?
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