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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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"First of all, enough with the condescending comments. They're not going to make you any friends here."
Fair enough if you stop treating me like a cadet.

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"Second, please give me some evidence that there was a Starfleet U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017 that existed before Matt Decker's ship. That's just your speculation, but you're speaking as if it's some kind of fact."
It's a question of deduction:
a) The USS Constellation NCC-1017 is a cruiser of the 16th (Constitution Class) or 17th design (Enterprise Class). Conclusion: The NCC registry scheme doesn't make sense
b) The USS Constellation NCC-1017 is a cruiser of the 10th design. Conclusion: Thanks to an incredible amount of interior and exterior modifications it looks almost exactly like Kirk's television Enterprise
c) Matt Decker's Constellation had been renamed and renumbered honoring the achievements of a previous one to send a strong pyschological message to Federation opponents that are familiar with the success of the original ship.

So why is Picard's Enterprise still wearing the registry of the original ship from a treknological point of view? In my opinion because Kirk and the Enterprise gained a notorious reputation among the Romulans for TOS events in "Balance of Terror" and "The Enterprise Incident" - Any NCC-1701 showing up near the Neutral Zone tells the Romulans the Federation means business. It's a show of strength.

So I fail to see, why the same idea shouldn't apply to an earlier Federation vessel. If there are better explanations I'm curious to hear these

I mentioned Valiant because the two ships in the 24th Century clearly reveal that this concept doesn't apply here or anymore.

Same with the Yamato, the concept was obviously abandoned, but from the evidence at hand (NCC-1305-E) we are at least enabled to conclude that there have been previous ships with that name and the first one was NCC-1305.

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