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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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Grant,I've got to say that as I've followed this thread from the beginning and I've agreed with absolutely everything you've said.

The OP is either mistaken or lying.

Those scenes he claims to have seen do not exist.
Thanks for that, but don't 'stand too close' as the man once said. I knew I was wording it kind of harsh and expected a backlash.

That's why I used words like 'confabulate' and joked about being 'on drugs'--purely kidding, I didn't want to blurt out 'You're a stinking liar.'---which I don't think he is.

I think it's more like a 'fish tale' where the person is trying to get attention. You don't hate the guy telling the fish tale--especially if he tells it well.

On the other hand, don't go a U.S. veterans web site and anonymously claim to be a Medal of Honor winner and then get a whole bunchs of facts wrong about the U.S. military.

Clearly those scenes from Generations/Nemesis were never completed with FX to theatrical level and shown in theater.

Anyway, aside from getting overly annoyed at the 'single tear rolling down my butt cheek' line--I'm not mad at anybody here, but I think some people really did get mad.

The OP is not so thin-skinned he's gonna run off because I challenged this one assertion--nor was that my wish.
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