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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

Of course, I know about the change in directors. It's largely irrelevant. Nothing I said is unfair. Let's not forget that he was going to produce this thing even when Del Toro was gonna direct it. Films go through changes in development, and what matters is what we end up with. It's been well over a decade since Jackson has made a film based on an original idea. That might not be his thing, but it really shows his limitations when he goes back to LOTR because it worked the first time. Yes, he's like Lucas in his refusal to challenge himself now. The original LOTR trilogy was a huge, challenging undertaking. This was challenging only to the effect that it hits all the same beats as a production. By the way, I'll bet you Del Toro would have stuck to the simplicity of the story and kept it to one, maybe two films. Jackson has a huge ego and an inability to check his fat ego at the door. If he had, his King Kong wouldn't have been as bloated as it was.
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