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Kirk: Hi Cartwright, I'm glad they didn't send that tiny penised, stupid 'tached, dim witted pencil pusher Morrow to do the inspection. Remember what we used to call him at the accademy? "Bore-ow". Good times.

Sulu: You might want to get those glasses fixed Sir...
MORROW: Are you telling me you think all black people look alike, Admiral Kirk?

KIRK: No. I'm saying I think all admiral's uniforms look alike.
Kirk: Ah, gottcha didn't I? Of course I didn't mistake you for someone else! Oh your face, its priceless! Just a little Enterprise humour.

Morrow: Well, that's alright then. I'll admit you had me going for a second there.

Kirk: I loved you in Superman III!

Morrow: I really hope you mean I look like Chris Reeve...
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