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Apparently it's smart to be in debt and pay it off because otherwise you can't buy a house or whatever because for some asinine reason it's considered not trustworthy if you only spend money you actually have?

Exactly, it easy enough for a bank to check your income, but a single year's income isn't going to repay a home loan. A pattern of entering debt and then consistantly repaying that debt, on time mind you, is what a lender wants to see.

The same with seeing how much time you spent in your life unemployed, if you lose one job and have a new one in a few days or weeks, this is something banks like to see.

These things show that you'll hustle your ass and repay a twenty year loan.

Makes a huge amount of sense if you stop and give it a few seconds of thought.

Yea, in order to borrow money, you must have an extensive resume of experience with repaying money.

But, when it comes to electing a President, we don't have any such qualms about wanting to see a resume of Leadership or Government experience

As far as Product Placement, I honestly don't see the gripe. I'd much rather see a Heineken Beer being drank than have the hand covering up the label, or have some stupid brand name like Fizzie Beer XXX or Corn Flakes Cereal versus Crispy Flakes.

As far as cars go, I'd rather see Mustang or Volvo on the car than some made up generic Car Company
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