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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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What is the Conection between Q Jr, Kol, and Kes? I didnít know Q Jr had interacted with the Ocampa or that anything had been written on Kes after her leaving Voyager the second time. Can anyone tell me when and where Kesís story was continued?
I THINK this was in the String Theory trillogy.

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I donít like that Voyager and Achilles attacked the Tarkons, destroying several ships and killing many to rescue the Borg on one of their planets. What gave them the right to undergo such an operation in someone elseís sovereign territory and kill several of their citizens? I felt like it was the same old Voyager, pissing off the DQ and not displaying the evolved sensibilities and higher moral standards of Star Trek. Later, other captains encounter the Malons and say they would like to stop their dumping but their mission is not to interfere, conquer, or coerce. I guess Voyager itself just doesnít get this.
The Tarkons tried to take Voyager by force first. They retreated and only used force when they came back....
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