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Apparently it's smart to be in debt and pay it off because otherwise you can't buy a house or whatever because for some asinine reason it's considered not trustworthy if you only spend money you actually have?

Exactly, it easy enough for a bank to check your income, but a single year's income isn't going to repay a home loan. A pattern of entering debt and then consistantly repaying that debt, on time mind you, is what a lender wants to see.

The same with seeing how much time you spent in your life unemployed, if you lose one job and have a new one in a few days or weeks, this is something banks like to see.

These things show that you'll hustle your ass and repay a twenty year loan.

Makes a huge amount of sense if you stop and give it a few seconds of thought.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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