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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

Timo wrote: View Post
The only factor really threatening the survival of the castaways on the planet was a bunch of cavemen.
GIANT cavemen. With super human strength. They were the main and most deadly threat, yes.

But why should the cavemen be a threat?
Sometimes it feels like we aren't talking about the same episode.

I'm not gonna keep going around on this, but you are assuming these natives are just one tribe of a small number. And that Spock and the remaining four officers can hold them off with phasers and fend off starvation by licking rocks. However, within the episode, the implication is the "apes" are legion. Kelowitz, confirms this by reporting they are all over the place. There was no escaping them on the planet and there could be an entire civilization of these beings. We don't know, so we go with what we're given, which is constant, imminent threat of death by giant creatures with greater strength and ferocity. Nobody in their right mind would delay trying to leave when faced with that.

Yes, you could suggest that Kirk could have left shuttles behind. But he didn't, he called everyone back. He also seemed to only have one more, the Columbus. Which was weird.

The sensors were iffy, but it's logical to assume the Enterprise would also be scanning visually. Yes, the flare was unplanned, but when faced with certain painful death on the planet, the next option would be to head into orbit and play it by ear. The original idea was to get into orbit and hope that in the few hours they had, the Enterprise was still scanning for them. When Spock cut in the boosters, he cut the time back. When he jettisoned the fuel, he really whittled it down to six minutes. But he got them saved. He improvised. Sometimes playing it by ear is the right course of action. Staying on the planet would have cost lives. The script made no doubt of this.

Since I'm repeating myself, I think I'm done on this one.

Timo wrote: View Post
Why not? A clean kill in TOS does not leave a body!
Anton Karidian.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
There's no "partial" vaporization ever shown in TOS, TNG, or DS9. If you're touched by the beam on the highest setting, you vaporize.
Lt Commander Remmick in "Conspiracy" was reduced to a half disintegrated husk.
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