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Re: Prime Directive problem with "Homeward"

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I just think the way the Prime Directive is used in the 24th century is wrong. You invade a species territory and infiltrate their society without asking then you refuse to help when they face an extinction level crisis.

When you get into that close of a relationship with another species, I think you take on certain obligations. You take on the obligation not to interfere but at the same time I think you take on an obligation to protect them from things they may not understand as threats to their species as a whole. The Federation is extracting reams of knowledge yet offers nothing in return to these fledgling species.
So a preindustrial society can have comets and asteroids moved out of their path, but a society like ours gets hit just because we understand the threat? How is that fair?

What about societies no more advanced that the Boraal that evolved on a planet orbiting a Red Giant or Hyper Giant. Right now we know those stars are going to go super nova with in the life span of our sun. For some species their sun will explode way before they even know that the stars are suns. Does Starfleet move them too because they are being observed and don't understand the threat their own sun is to them?
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