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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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Well, clearly you've forgotten the time frame. It's no more than 2 days.
...After which Kirk can trivially return. In a week.
Trivially? He has no idea of the status of the landing party. They could be dead, severely injured, or struggling to survive. The best case scenario is that they found intelligent life who would help them, but that's highly unlikely. Going away for a week would mean certain death if they were still alive. You die without water in 3-5 days.

Timo wrote: View Post
Kirk can also choose not to depart, for that matter. Or to leave shuttles behind to search for the survivors. The castaways are not left to their own devices by any stretch of imagination: their discovery is only a matter of time.
Kirk must leave, and does what he can to deliberately delay it until the only choice would be to risk a court martial offense. Leaving behind several shuttles having to deal with all of the ionic interference and NO back-up could easily result in a bunch more stranded shuttles. That's not a wise option.

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Well, sensibly speaking any energy weapon has a charge limit, so it's only logical to assume they are discharged in use and faster with higher settings.
Quite so - but "Omega Glory" shows us the orders of magnitude involved, so this doesn't appear to really be a problem.
Order of magnitude IS a problem. Clearly they haven't been able to fend off the creatures given the power settings they were using. I highly doubt primitive shields made of wood and thick hides are phaser resistant. It may be the environmental conditions were making the phasers less effective, but that's just heaping on more speculation.

Timo wrote: View Post
Spock could also always decide to use one phaser for effective defense and only drain the rest, which would mean leaving one further person behind. He was prepared to do that from the very start, remember.
Yes, but it became clear they needed EVERY phaser on hand after Scotty's mistake.

Timo wrote: View Post
Spock knew that the effects of the Murasaki quasar would make a search nearly fruitless.
Which would mean the shuttle would be all the less likely to be found if it were taken away from the planet! Its visibility would only increase if Spock did that flare trick - and it appeared to be an afterthought only. Spock could just as well have concentrated on setting up a comparable flare on the surface of the planet, which he knew would be under scrutiny already, Murasaki effect or not.
Are you kidding? A shuttle in orbit is far more detectable than one on the ground. By the time they got in orbit, the Enterprise had already departed albeit slowly. Due to the distance, the flare was the only thing that caught their attention. Had the Enterprise not left, the odds of detecting them in orbit would have been much greater.
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