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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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True none of them signed up to be stranded on the Destiny, but with a global talent pool to call upon you would have thought they might have been able to get less of a bunch of misfits.
They were misfits as an expedition, presumably not as Icarus Base staff.
Thing is, presumably incometant people are not selected by the military to take part in a top secret project that gets billions of dollars of funding, and incompetant people defnitely are not selected to serve on a base on a different planet.

Okay, so none of them were prepared to end up on the ass end of the universe and it wasn't what they signed up for. Truth is, they should still be among the best of their respective fields and therefore not "the wrong people for the job." Ture, they're not the experts characters in the other Stargates are, but they're not total novices either.
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