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Re: Twilight actress Cheating Scandal: Together again!

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They're both gay and this is all just a PR smokescreen.
I agree to an extent. I think their initial relationship was contrived by some studio PR department. KS screwed up and got caught in a real though illicit relationship that simply couldn't be denied, so the PR team pretty much had to acknowledge it, but only until enough time had passed that they could contrive a semi-believable reconciliation.

As to either of them being gay... who knows? There were plenty of rumors about Pattinson on the set of "HP and the Goblet of Fire", though nothing concrete. And Kristen? Check out any interview she did talking about making out with Dakota Fanning while shooting "The Runaways", and you'll come away convinced that she's not entirely straight, nor anywhere remotely close to settling into a wholly monogamous relationship either.
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