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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

The "right or wrong to kill Janeway" debate rages on, I see. At this point it is beating a dead and then resurrected horse. Don't kill it again!

My review:
I really enjoyed this book. I trusted that IF Beyer wrote Janeway back in, she would do it in a good way that worked for the story and not just to pacify certain fans. The book was interesting, well paced, and did a great job developing canon and relaunch characters alike. Eternal tide was also great and original science fiction in how it developed the concept of the balancing of the multiverse’s creative and destructive continuums which seemed to build upon DTI’s concept of the multiverse having wave patterns where nature continually tries to correct and balance itself. Beyer also handled the issue of mortality superbly. With every book, I think Beyer continues to elevate herself among the great star trek writers in how masterfully she handles the characters and theoretical science subjects.

My big concern now is the same Janeway and Chakotay had in the end- is this the end of the Full Circle fleet? My favorite line in the whole book was, “We can’t keep going through ships out here like we used to go through shuttles.” Ohhh, so true. Most of us have probably been involved in a “Where did Voyager get all those shuttles” conversation. Now the fleet is losing ships left and right. The Children of the Storm destroyed one ship and crashed another. Now Starfleet officers decide to blow up a few more after a brief time in omega because it was the only way to save the multiverse and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I agree with the sentiment, but didn’t the y give up kind of quickly? Shouldn’t they have thought on the matter a little longer and maybe given the rest of the fleet a little more time to come up with another solution? But my issue with losing the ships is not just with the Starfleeters but with Beyer. Did she need to leave those ships undestroyed? Q Jr managed to bring back Janeway and Chakotay, couldn’t he (or Eden) have saved those ships and crew with his final moments as well? Janeway and Ransom managed to keep their singular 2 ships and crews alive for years. Now the fleet is decimated in months.

That said, whatever the multiverse has in store for the Voyager series, hopefully everyone can trust this series will be in great shape if it continues in the hands of Kirsten “MFing” Beyer.
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