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Re: Best and worst comic book movies

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Haven't seen Avengers yet, but for "best":

Batman Begins, the first Iron Man, the first two Superman films in their own time; Nolan's films as a "best trilogy" kind of thing; high points of the X-Men films.

Worst? Don't even wanna think about it...
How about Power Puff Girls the Movie?

How about Popeye? That is an overlooked superhero movie based on a comic book. When Popeye eats his spinach, he's a superhero.
I'm probably in a tiny minority here but I actually really like the Robert Altman Popeye movie. Robin Williams is fantastic in the title role and Shelly Long and Ray Walston are pitch-perfect as Olive and Pappy/ The Commodore, while Paul Dooley and Paul L Smith are spot-on for Wimpy and Bluto. The sets are fantastic and it really looks like a Popeye comic or cartoon come to life. Harry Nilson's soundtrack is great too.

Its main problem is the slow pacing and the fact that Popeye doesn't eat his spinach till the end but it's still got many memorable moments and songs.

Apparently Genndy Tartatovsky is working on a CGI version of the character.
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