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Re: Lying on a resume?

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It sounds too dangerous to even attempt! I don't even "beef up" my resumes. If I didn't do it, it's not on the resume.
That's not what "beef up" means in my book. When I say "beef up" your resume, I just mean drawing extra emphasis to certain things or using more colorful language to describe what might have otherwise been a fairly lame and mundane job.

For instance, on my resume, I list various things I've done for various companies. Part of that is indicating how what you did helped the company. Numbers are a great asset there. Well, what if you don't have hard numbers? Try to rough out a guess, and put that in. Is it 100% accurate? No. Will you be questioned about it? Maybe, so be prepared to explain how you arrived at that statistic. Is it wrong? I don't think so. The substance of what you said is correct.

I would never put down that I worked on something I didn't, or take credit for other people's work. Nor would I put down anything totally fabricated. That's what I see as the issue here.

I believe it is quite common to "beef up" one's own resume, though, by painting yourself in the best light and exaggerating a little about how big your achievements were. That's part of the game. Underselling yourself will just keep you out of a job.
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