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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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And I gotta say I don't like attacking people, I don't get off on it and it upsets my stomach.
bullshit. It wasnt necessary to attack the OP to disagree with him, which puts into question your motivation and/or YOUR drug use. Maybe a bit less caffeine, champ. Recollecting something wrong doesnt make someone a liar.

Formy own 2 cents on the topic, in Indiana Jones temple of doom, there was an overhead shot of the table when the monkey brains were served, maybeone second of film, that wasnt in later with many things in life, one truth doesnt negate others. So there may be small tweaks to films, AND people remembering falsely.
I didn't attack him. I said he may well be a nice guy and a decent person. I just think two so similar seemingly bogus threads--is an annoying thing. I think you and the OP were the only ones who took the 'taking drugs' as anything other than the joke it was.
Yeah, it does upset my stomach to argue with people on these forums, but I just wanted to say I thought it seemed a lot more than just mis-remebering, since one of the 'extended theatrical showings' he said he saw 'recently'. Not sure how you mis-remember something you saw so recently. Especially it was many, many, full, completed scenes and not lines or images that we have all thought we saw at one time or another.

I wouldn't mind in the least someone saying.....

"does anybody else remeber...?"
"I think I remember seeing..."

Stating with categorical certainty something that sounds so bogus makes people sound a little crazy and makes me wonder about some folks around here.

We now have 5 people here who want to claim they remember with 100% certaintly scenes or shots that nobody else remembers seeing and that have forever vanished from home video!?

I will concede there may be slights changes for whatever reason, but oddly nobody who has made any of these claims will even consider the fact that they may be mis-remembering. (Besides those who start out by saying that.)

Memories are tricky things and folks who seem to think that they couldn't possibly be making a mistake about something they saw in a theater make me wonder what's up.

Eye witnesses to events that have happened seconds earlier are very often wrong, but you couldn't possibly be wrong about what you think you saw?
Because why, because you made a mental note of it? That's not proof that will convince anybody else. PROOF is proof--not peoples conviction.

If I remember shot or heard a line in a movie and never saw it again in any home video version- I would doubt my memory somewhat and want to know if anybody else saw it.

Not puff out my chest and declare "I saw what I saw and I don't care what anybody else says!"

Usually slight alterations are made for censorship/rating reasons or even political reasons. Fantasia racism--Kate capshaws nude scene being cut from Dreamscape, etc.

I not saying you or anybody else in particular here is a boldface liar, but chances are most of you are wrong and others ARE lying.

That's not an accusation--- just the odds. Most of you are mistaken.

Asking if anybody else can confirm sonething is the best way to find out which are true. Then that makes for an interesting conversation as to why something may have been lost or cut intentionally.

It seems people are saying I can chalk it up to his bad memory or ignore the OP, but saying "I don't believe you" is forbidden!? I think that invites people to say anything and not worry that they will ever be called on it.

Wow, realized that was super long-winded, sorry.

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