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Re: Galileo 7 Was it Boma, Spock or is it me?

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Phasers can be drained for fuel (or other sort of takeoff oomph) in a few hours, which means this need not take place until a few hours before takeoff. Which could happen a week from the funeral.
A week. Well, clearly you've forgotten the time frame. It's no more than 2 days. Of course, we're not shown the landing party settling in for the night, waking up the next day, or the change from daylight to night time. The Captain's log starts the episode with stardate 2821.5 and later Kirk says they have until 2823.8 to complete the search. That's 2.3 star days.

OTOH, phasers have never been indicated to suffer from lack of ammo in preceding episodes, and later ones will show they are good for thousands of kills.
Well, sensibly speaking any energy weapon has a charge limit, so it's only logical to assume they are discharged in use and faster with higher settings.

In the episode, we fail to see even a single kill - but OTOH we fail to see any sort of physical damage e.g. to the shield of one of the beasts, heavily indicating our heroes are using the stun setting. "Disintegrate" would not distinguish between strong and weak opponents! Plus, even a single established kill would raise morale on the hero side and drop it on the villain side, so an outright attack met by a determined phaser defense would actually be highly desirable.
We are not shown any kills, that's right. If they used the highest setting, certainly a body, shield, or spear would disintegrate as we're shown in other episodes. At this point in TOS the only complete vaporization shown is of the duplicate Kirk in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", which was produced earlier. Why didn't the landing party use the vaporize setting at all? I consider it an oversight of the writing. To "make it fit", you have to assume that they started with stun first and then the lowest kill setting, either to conserve power or perhaps theoretically Spock mandated to only wound them, not kill.

In fact, Spock says there were "several hundred Yang bodies" that they discovered near several discharged phaser packs. Who knows precisely how many were killed per power pack, but it's definitely not in the thousands.
Why not? A clean kill in TOS does not leave a body!
You're forgetting that there are at least three lethal phaser settings. One is to heat up objects (like rocks, and this would certainly burn someone), another is to cut through objects like a lance (kill), or vaporize (dead for sure). Vaporize would obviously require much more power. Captain Tracey used the more conservative setting so he could kill more men. There's no "partial" vaporization ever shown in TOS, TNG, or DS9. If you're touched by the beam on the highest setting, you vaporize.

the power would need to be conserved
This is never stated in the episode.
If you stick to that argument, forget about making any assumptions beyond what is stated in the episode, something you've taken great liberty of in many, many other discussions.

Getting to the orbit was a frivolous exercise in the first place. The castaways had no need to get into space, other than to get out of the reach of the cavemen - and that would have been far better achieved by camping out and slaying any approaching giants. Leave it to Kirk to effect the actual extraction, as he's so much better equipped to achieve it.
Frivolous? To get off the planet and head back to the Enterprise? Spock knew that the effects of the Murasaki quasar would make a search nearly fruitless. As he said, "SPOCK: If the ionisation effect is as widespread as I believe it is, Doctor, they'll be searching for us without instrumentation, by visual contact only. On those terms, this is a very large planet." They had to get off the planet, pure and simple.
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