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Re: TNG two parters were better than TNG movies!

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With the movies I've always enjoyed Generations (and the Shatner books that were spun-off from it), along with First Contact and Nemesis.

As for the two part episodes, Birthright, even as a kid I preferred the Data storyline/DS9 crossover, while Worf's storyline was rather tedious and boring; the producers had a good thing going in Part 1, but then they really dropped the ball in Part 2 with just making it a Worf story and no follow-up to Data's story in Part 1. I remember watching Part 1 on tape the morning after CHRO had aired it (I remember that I was really, really sick that weekend so I had gone to bed before the episode aired), and the following weekend I tuned in, all excited too see what would happen to Data, but instead we got the stupid Worf storyline.
Yes, the Worf storyline dragged, especially after the letdown of learning that Mogh was long dead. It would have been really cool if Worf had met his father.

I don't know about you guys, but I am eagerly awaiting the pt. 1 "bird" flyby scene.
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