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Lying on a resume?

I have a friend who recently started working for a company. It's his first job out of college. They do contract software work for other companies. So, he would be a software engineer working for the contracting company, doing whatever jobs they get for him to work on.

Here's the thing: the companies they contract with want to review the resumes of the developers who will be working on their contracts. To that end, they are helping each new hire "rewrite" his or her resume, and even telling them what to put on it, going as far as wanting them to lie about where they've worked in the past. Most of these are kids right out of college with no real experience, so the company wants to beef up their resumes.

While exaggerating one's accomplishments is pretty common on resumes, I've never heard of flat-out lying being a routine practice. Does this happen a lot? Does it follow you around if you're caught? What are the potential consequences?

I don't want my friend to ruin his career by lying on his resume, but obviously I don't want him to pass up a job over something that may not be a big deal, either.

I am personally opposed to having bald-faced lies on my resume, but maybe I'm just weird.

What's the standard in your field? I would like to hear from software/IT people, if possible, but everyone else is good, too.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!
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