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Re: Q&A with Kirsten Beyer!

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
At what point was it decided to resurrect Admiral Janeway? Did the online petitions have any impact in the decision at all?
I'd think she HAS to answer no to this one, even if it did have an impact. Otherwise, she loses control of things, it's shown that you can influence her process, and it becomes a series written by committee. Plus, she said in the afterward that she wanted to make it clear that she WASN'T influenced by it....

Dimesdan wrote: View Post
Why did you half destroy Quirinal and have it rebuilt in Children of the Storm only to destroy her and three other starships in The Eternal Tide?
THIS is one I'm really interested in, and thought was one of the more disappointing parts of TET. Spent so much time developing the fleet, and that ship in particular, and then just wiped it out in the next book. Sure, the transporter trick will show that we saved all the named characters from the ships, for the most part, but still just felt like a waste after the previous book.

If there were too many ships to wield easily, why did she write so many in to start from? If that wasn't the problem, why not only blow up 1 ship or so, to show there's danger there, rather than taking out half the fleet at once.

Would love more digging into that situation.
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