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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Just as the Jewish god Yahweh (also transliterated from the Hebrew as Jehovah) is held by Christians to be the same god as the Trinity, Muslims hold Allah to be the same god worshipped by both Jews and Christians, except their teachings from Muhammad have not been corrupted.

Christian Arabs call God "Allah" in Arabic, because in Arabic, "Allah" means the same thing as we English-speakers mean when we say "God." Christians for a long time agreed that Islam was not a heathen religion but a heresy, a corrupted form of worship of God. References to an "Abrahamic" god still point to the theological identity of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim god, whose names in Hebrew, English and Arabic are variously Yahweh, God and Allah. (Except of course when the Jewish god is called Elohim, which is actually plural. We might say in English, the Gods.)

Protestants look forward to God killing all the Jews who haven't converted to Jesus-worship as well as following the Law. The Cylon God turning out to be a formally plural (but really singular) Gods and smiting his false worshippers the Cylons really is very much the same thing.

My experience has been that writers and producers who want to mess around with Big Ideas without bothering to actually think just end up artlessly regurgitating crude, nasty ideas, even ones that give the lie to every humane belief they thought they possessed. When the ideas are about religion, it is essential to take a critical view. Remember, "critical" does not just mean "negative." It means as objective and complete and comparative as possible.

The series absolutely refused to take the religious issues it raised at all seriously, just as 9/11 didn't inspire anything but blanket condemnation of Islam and Muslims personally. I would say for about the same reasons. But even in the later stages, when losing the war in Iraq made the 9/11 story much less useful for making the shananigans seem meaningful, the series refused to take its own issues seriously.

I think it's because they had weird ideas about "respecting" religion. They may have called it allowing the viewer to make his or her own choice. Or they may have even boasted of being intellectually superior in their ability to see shades of grey (or substitute other dimwitted cliche of your choice.) I believe we should just put it down to moral cowardice. If you try to be honest about fictional situtation, your viewers will always be able to draw their own conclusions.
I think you are reading a lot into those "tea leaves". I haven't seen any mention of 9/11 in the television series, Cylons might be an allegory to terrorists perhaps, in that terrorists "look, act, and feel human, and there are many copies".
Why the hell would a TV series set 150,000 years before our time refer directly to 9/11?
Yes, why would it? The extermination of mankind is hardly comparable to a terrorist act. I don't know where he gets this Protestantism versus Jews thing either.
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