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Re: Prime Directive problem with "Homeward"

Who are we to assume that the Boraalans would consider any degree of contamination preferable to extinction?
That's the most automatic assumption a human being would make. And it's certainly no worse than all the other human assumptions our heroes make in the course of the show.

But that's neither here nor there. The assumption is irrelevant: the salient fact is that by going for survival, one gives the Boraalans the choice. By going for extinction, one eliminates all choice.

If you want a precedent, the Caeliar
Thankfully, not canon. There's no actual Trek precedent for a species that would vote for self-annihilation; even if lunatic individuals make such a claim, they are shouted down eventually (say, "Ensigns of Command").

I assume I don't even have to point out that it's dangerous to assume that any degree of cultural contamination can be reversed.
You mean, not dangerous at all?

Even if contamination could not be reversed, so what? No harm done. Not in comparison with death and denial of all choice.

Timo Saloniemi
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