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Re: How did you get into Trek and what was your first episode/movie?

For me one of my earliest memories is Tholian Web.. and the smell of pancakes and bacon from the kitchen of a farm/bungalow resort my family used to visit in the Catskills in the summers. I was already a Trek fan through my parents and my big brother Ben, and this was the early 70's when Trek was in heavy syndicated rotation.

Trek formed a bond between Ben and I, attending conventions here in NY at the old Roosevelt and later the Pennsylvania Hotel, and we shared that love it until he passed 4 years ago. He made the first call for me to Paramount to get an internship there because they made Star Trek.

I will always love Star Trek, as long as it remains true to the optimistic view of our future, and it will always remind me of my big brother who shared his enthusiasm for it way back when we were little.
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