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Re: If star trek 2 is successful could CBS make more star trek attract

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It may or may not be remastered for HD.

But the cost to remaster the entire series will still likely be less than one season of new Trek. If you figure DS9 will cost double what TNG does to be given a facelift, it'll cost roughly $135 million. A new series, depending on distributor, will likely cost $7-10 million an episode with a season running anywhere from 12-22 episodes. Which means a season could cost anywhere from $84-220 million dollars. And smaller season orders, if it went off-network, would slow CBS ability to recoup some of the cost via syndication.
I would love if DS9 was remastered. TNG and DS9 are my favorite Trek shows.

I could care less about VOY or ENT, though I guess ENT would be really easy to do since it was already filmed in HD.
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