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Re: How did you get into Trek and what was your first episode/movie?

I remember watching TOS every night at midnight over one summer with my sister when we were kids. Since it was summer, and no school, we were allowed to stay up late and I guess we saw all three seasons as it was on 5-6 nights a week. I'm guessing I was 10 or 12. I remember Amok Time because of the fight scene with its music, and the red sky. Then in high school, I bought my first TOS book ~ Time for Yesterday. Reading them consistently thru the years, I now have over 100. About a year ago, we started plans for moving from New York to Virginia - huge change! For several months I was living alone while my husband prospected in VA. I found TOS on NEtflix and it was like watching them that first summer all those years ago. I remembered almost all of the episodes! (not going to say how many years later;D)
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