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Re: If star trek 2 is successful could CBS make more star trek attract

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I've said it before in another thread, I think Deep Space Nine will be a barometer on whether we get new, live-action Trek in the near future.

If CBS decides to remaster it, that means they are generating a good profit margin from the HD upgrades and won't see a need to start up a new series that would be nothing but competition for streaming, syndication and home-video dollars.
I have my doubts that DS9 will be remastered and put on Bluray. DS9 isn't as popular as TOS or TNG, and all the later CGI space battles need to be redone, which will make the whole thing end up being much more expensive to do than TNG.
It may or may not be remastered for HD.

But the cost to remaster the entire series will still likely be less than one season of new Trek. If you figure DS9 will cost double what TNG does to be given a facelift, it'll cost roughly $135 million. A new series, depending on distributor, will likely cost $7-10 million an episode with a season running anywhere from 12-22 episodes. Which means a season could cost anywhere from $84-220 million dollars. And smaller season orders, if it went off-network, would slow CBS ability to recoup some of the cost via syndication.
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