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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I thought this might interest some people. Since it's on Daily Motion, there shouldn't be any trouble viewing it for those viewers outside of the UK.
Yeah, I saw that. Was aiight.
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I think I said before it will probably happen at Survivor Series...but I suppose that Hell in a Cell is just as possible.
Nah, cos, there's a cell in the way. He can't just run in.

I suppose a champion vs. champion match could work. CM Punk could win, keeping him looking strong (and he has looked a bit weak lately, heel disease - while Sheamus has looked too strong if anything), and Ziggler could cash in on Sheamus as the cell comes up. It's what I'd do, but I doubt they'd have a PPV with no title defence. But there's a little history there already from a couple of Raws ago, making things a little more personal than Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett out of nowhere. What a bloody silly PPV it is, really.
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