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Yeah, that was a fun detail. "Good thinking!"

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I've just rewatched my personal favorite episode.. the one where it's about the killing of Osama and i'm still amazed about the perfect balance of seriousness, relationship stuff and humor (i still laugh hard when the boss finds out that stoned Will McAvoy is sitting on an email for 20 minutes by Biden confirming the kill.. "Are you kidding me?" ).
I love that one, too, mostly for the scenes with stoned Will. And that scene really is the killer. Will saying, "enjoy the moment" to Charlie when he gets angry is a favourite moment of mine. Also the scene where Will declares the news isn't about Gaddafi because he's spoken to Wesley Clarke and NATO HQ on his way to the studio and you wonder whether he's really spoken to them or just thinks he has and which version of events is actually worse.

I also love that runnung gag about Will knowing everyone. There's a line that's easy to miss in a preceding episode, "Amen". When they try to find out what has happened to the Egyptian journalist Mac says to Will that he should call his highest contact in the State Department and if that doesn't work, her husband. I really dig that.
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